buying books

We sell used textbooks on consignment, meaning that students sell their books through us, then get paid when someone buys their books. Good news! We take more than just textbooks for consignment–we will also take used novels or general interest books and boardgames.


worm reading a book

We carry select titles of newly released Canadian non-fiction, poetry, novels, and short story collections. Not seeing the book you want? We can look into ordering you a copy!


purchase local art


orange worm buying snacks

We carry a range of convenience snack items to help get you through your day. This includes protein & granola bars; chips; chocolate bars; gummy sweets; instant noodles; Monster, Red Bull, and Yerba Mate energy drinks; pop; vitamin water; kombucha; and more. Our selection includes vegan, keto, and gluten-friendly options. If there’s something you’d like that we don’t have, please let us know.


worm writing on stationary

We carry a wide range of stationery products at various price points. Notable brands we carry are: Decomposition, Dingbats, Stonepaper, and Pilot.


worm with everyday necessities

Forgot your phone charger? Need a painkiller? Dry & chapped lips? We’ve got you covered. Our everyday odds and ends will help you get through whatever your day throws at you


yellow warm with birthday card

We sell cards for every occasion and have a wide selection of locally made cards and postcards. We have a card bundle special: buy 2 cards, get your 3rd half off; or buy 4 cards and get your 5th free!

So you found the perfect locally made gift and card at SUBtext, but you need to package it cute before you give it away? SUBtext has a selection of gift bags, tissue paper, and gift wrap sheets.


worm playing board games

We sell and rent a variety of board games

  • Board games for sale are ever-changing as they are all sold on consignment. 
  • Board games for rent are owned by the UVSS and available for anyone to borrow. Simply bring your ONEcard to SUBtext and sign out the game(s) you want. We will keep your ONEcard until you return the game(s). All games must be returned by the end of the day rented. Exceptions can be arranged for clubs/group events using the games in the evening.